All of our products are SLS/SLES and Paraben Free, are free from Artificial fragrances and colours. Our skincare range is certified by an independent Cosmetic Chemist and registered under EU regulations. The tins and bottles used to package our products are all recyclable


Our products are created using unique blends of Butters (e.g. Shea, Avacado, Coconut and Aloe), Oils both carrier (e.g. Evening Primrose, Apricot, Rice Bran) and Essential (e.g. Tea Tree, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang) which work in harmony with the body. Natural oils have many properties such as being soothing, hydrating, anti- inflammatory or anti- bacterial whist also protecting the skin or having healing properties. Butters on the other hand can also protect the skin and contain both vitamins and minerals to enhance the skins natural qualities. When waxes are included in a product although not absorbed by the skin they provide a protective layer helping to keep the skin hydrated, supple and moisturised. Our Natural skincare products do not contain any harsh chemicals which can sometimes cause or worsen skin problems.



The idea of creating Homemade Natural Skincare products initially came from the fact that my Son had very sensitive skin. When looking for products to use at bath time, to moisturise and protect his skin, the majority of products contained many chemicals and preservatives that I did not feel would help his situation. After looking into the alternatives on the market I decided that I should look into producing my own. 18 months later after studying a Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation and researching Natural ingredients, once my products were certified, Copper Coast Natural Skincare began.

About the Company

Copper Coast Natural Skincare is based in Dunhill, part of the stunning Copper Coast in Co Waterford. All of our products are individually formulated with our Lip Balms and Body Butters being created using the finest Natural Butters and oils. All of our products are fully tested by chemists (not on animals!) and certified under EU regulations. We also are proud to carry the Guaranteed Irish symbol on our products. We are registered with The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland

About me

As a qualified Massage Therapist I understand the importance of the Natural balance of the body and all of its systems. Due to my concerns for my Son with his sensitive skin, I decided to further my knowledge a completed a comprehensive Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation. I get great satisfaction from developing effective skincare products tailoring to help solve specific problems.

Why Use Essential Oils ?

We use Essential Oils throughout our product range for their Anti-aging, Cleansing and Regenerating properties